Monday, March 29, 2010

It's been a while!

Not much has happened in the past couple weeks but here are some pictures anyways!

I love this picture. I feel like he is saying "Mom! Do we have to do this here?"

Kenai loves the new toy kitchen I bought him for $10 at the Just Between Friends sale on Friday. I don't think he was as excited about the clothes but his outfit did come from there also. April and I both had some decent luck.

Last weekend we had the Lewis's over and Walker and Kenai did pretty well together. They are both watching the dogs outside in this picture. I can't wait until these boys are old enough to really play together and not just in the same space.

One morning I dropped Kenai off at school and they gave him some cheerio's for breakfast. I don't think he was feelin'em because he took a hand full and dropped them on the floor.

This weekend we went to the City of Corinth Easter Egg hunt. The church passed out juice to everyone. Kenai wasn't old enough to participate yet but he really enjoyed playing in the dirt.

Just another cute picute at the hunt.

Ben was so good with Kenai. He let him set on his lap and Kenai didn't hesitate on making himself comfy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Great Weekend


Our weekend started out with dinner Friday night at Rockfish. Its almost like the 3 of us never get alone time during the week...well at least while we are all awake.
Saturday Kenai and I woke up and he told me he wanted to go see if we could find any good garage sales. maybe he didn't tell me but I am so excited for garage sale season I can't wait. We found a few but only made two purchases. Both for Kenai of course. I got him a little toy that plays music and teaches him numbers and shapes. Then the last stop before heading home we found a Little Tikes picnic table for $5!!!!!! I am pretty proud of this purchase. Its not faded or anything. A couple little scatches but otherwise looks great.

After we got home we played for a while! Then grandma and grandpa Hammett came over to baby sit while mommy went to a baby shower.

Kenai likes to play under his table!

I think someone is just as ready for the summer as mommy is (or he could just be watching the doggies).

Sunday after church we decided to go for a family walk. It was a great dayout! We got Kenai all buckled into the jogging stroller but then noticed that the tires are flat. I guess we need to get those fixed soon!

Not sure what he is pointing at but I think he was enjoying being outside.
Loved the hair!

Just a good picture of use after the walk.

Lizzy enjoyed the sun too!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Wednesday Nights

Heres an overview of our typical Wednesday night for all of you that care to know.

Dinner with Friends

We feed the kids too. Avery knows that when the highchair comes out its for cute!

Tonight April had a "date" with Liam. Isn't this cute! I wish I still fit at the kids table.

Liam likes to talk a lot instead of eating, I think April decided to move on and gave her seat to Avery who seems to be least at this moment.

After dinner...the mess begins. And this is only the beginning of it. Just wait until all 7 kids are in the living room!!!!

After small group, and as I learned tonight it is SMALL GROUP not bible study, we get home, I put both of my boys to sleep, and I finally get Candi time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nothing New

Not much new going on here! Kenai and I took Friday off last week and went to Abilene to see everyone. Ok...our real reason for going out was to go shopping at the Ditto for Kiddo's sale. But while we were there we got to see MawMaw, PawPaw, Aunt Man, and Cousin Taylor.

Kenai LOVES his cousin Taylor! Taylor loves to play with Kenai and he can get that boy laughing so hard (its adorable)! Taylor also was so sweet and made Kenai a purple dog in a Knights outfit. He won a build a bear work shop at school for selling cookie dough and was thinking of Kenai! He is so sweet.

Friday we went and visited MawMaw at her office...of course she had to show off her adorable grandson. We also went and visited Aunt Man and her coworkers. We had to let them know that we are ready for a little sister. I don't know if its that Spring is almost here, that Kenai's already almost a year old, or all the pregnant women at church but someone is getting baby fever BAD!!!
Kenai wasn't feeling this well so before we ever made it back to the house on Saturday we had to stop at the kids urgent care in Flower Mound. He ended up having another double ear infection and needed some antibiotics. He seems to be doing better today and we will have to go get him rechecked out later this week to make sure its all cleared up.

When Kenai woke up this morning his hair was everywhere...even more than normal. So I thought I would be a little creative and fixed his hair!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Race Day

Saturday morning Kenai and Mommy got up SUPER early to go watch Aunt Jennifer run the Ft. Worth Cow Town 1/2 Maraton. There were so many people there but we got to see her running 6 different times. We didn't see her at the start until she yelled my name.

A couple times we had to wait a while before she got to where we were waiting. But Kenai was such a good boy. He sat in his stroller drinking his juice or sat on my lap and cheered for all of the other runners. He made a lot of the runners smile and one guy even gave him a high five.

After the race, we went to Qdoba, sat and talked, and had breakfast. Boy was it good. I think Corinth definately needs one of those! After Jennifer rested a little we did what any Stewart girl would do....we shopped! Kenai, not being a Stewart girl, didn't enjoy it all that much. Plus he was tired so he decided to take a nap. I don't blame him because I could have done that too!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bye-bye Bottles

Today will be Kenai's first day without any bottles. He has moved on to the big boy sippy cups. He has been doing so well with them and he seems to like them better because he can get the milk (formula) out faster.
He is growing up so fast. I can't believe that my little baby (or should I say my big boy) is already ten months old. It seems just like yesterday Adam and I were driving to Abilene to meet this little guy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Redneck Family Outting

Yesterday MawMaw, PawPaw, Man, and Taylor all drove in from Abilene to see Uncle Sammy who is in town for a few days. The whole family met up for lunch in Grapevine. We had a great time talking and laughing.

After lunch PawPaw and Taylor wanted to go to Bass Pro so we all piled in our cars and went with them. MawMaw showed Kenai the fish. He loved watching them! Taylor pretended to drive a boat...and wreck it...I guess thats what 9 year old boys do.

We enjoyed our time with everyone and wish they didn't have to leave but we will see most of them out in Abilene in a couple weeks.